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Our History

Sally LeGrand founded Offices Unlimited in 2001 with the determination to keep a local office supply & furniture store open after the standing local supply stores had closed up shop.
We opened our doors on September 10, 2001… and the next day was 9/11. Despite the national braking of retail sales after 9/11, Sally wanted to fire all engines and create a successful local company. She had 16 years of sales experience in the office supply and furnishings business, and having been in many of the local businesses throughout her career, she wanted to express to local businesses that she was here, knowledgeable and armed with a concept of their needs to optimize their business on a day-to-day basis.
Sally and her team came with a mission: Offer the best products for the value. Not only could she offer value-driven products, but her extensive knowledge of these products provided her customers a sense of trust and relief knowing they had an expert on the case.
Additionally, Offices Unlimited offered a showcase of the furniture products so that customers would be able to “test drive” the furniture by having a real experience in her store and not just hoping for the best online.
In 2010, Sally expanded Offices Unlimited with the purchase of Tisher Sales and Service in Perryville, MO. This created a stronger community and offered better service to the northern part of our territory. All of the same products and outstanding, next-day delivery are a part of Perryville, as well.
At Offices Unlimited, we want you to know that when you call the office, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable individual who knows your account information and purchasing history. We know that time is money, and being efficient with our ordering process is just one way we work to make your experience buying from us the best it can be.
We are a small business, like so many that we work with every day. We’re fortunate that the majority of our employees today have been with us for over half of the time we have been open. These dedicated employees are the root of the personal values that allow us to take care of your needs every day.

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