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Red Letter Communications is a local, Cape Girardeau business that provides marketing services to businesses not only in our area but around the country. Being in the creative industry they are, they needed to update their offices to accomodate an organic flowthrough for the creative process all while allowing some privacy and intimate workspace for really cracking down on the tough projects.

They came to us with their needs, and we were able to recommend a layout for the office that matched their needs.

We used desk spaces that maximized office efficiency, awhile providing personal space for each employee. The lower, opaque desk dividers provided light flow as well as some degree of separation. However, when collaboration was needed, a quick peek over the top would allow for conversation-level communication between co-workers.

Red Letter was very pleased with the layout we selected for them, so much that we have just finished up yet another installation for them at a brand new location in west Cape Girardeau. Pictures from that installation will be coming soon! Click here to view more photos from this original installation.

We are always excited to be a part the creative process for a business, and are forever grateful that Red Letter chose Offices Unlimited to be their one-stop shop for their office needs. Contact us today to help discover your dream office!

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